Katherine at home with a Legend

In January, Katherine gets a private invitation to visit Tilley Andalusians, home of the largest Carriage Museum in North America.

The trip starts with a cruise through California, stopping off at the coast for some sun, some waves, and relaxation. Arriving late afternoon, she is greeted by Nadine Tilley, a legend in the horse driving community. After a thorough tour of the property, evening sets with wine in hand, peering out over the beautiful Hidden Valley.

The sites, the atmosphere, the company is peaceful, yet energizing!

Morning comes with the invitation to take a carriage ride with one of Nadine’s show horses.
The look on Katherine’s face gave away the excitement inside as she managed to squeak out “that would be nice”. But there was more in store for this day!

The Tilley estate, amongst the 300 year old oak trees and meticulously manicured grounds, hosts a wonderful driving trail which weaves around the property. Not only was this a day for a beautiful drive, but also a first for Katherine.

After a brief lap, Nadine hands Katherine the reins. It is her turn.
This antique carriage, the narrow trails, are a little intimidating, but Nadine insists.

Slow to go, she starts out under the skilled direction.
Nadine has competed in just about every carriage discipline there is, in several countries.
The next few hours are filled are filled with smiles as the two get to know each other, Katherine receives one on one training with Nadine, and lifetime bonds are formed.

If there were a moral to this story, it would certainly be that the best memories are made from the simple things in life, and to make someone’s day is often just a simple act of kindness!